Pegasus Software Opens ‘£1 a day HR department’ for SMEs

Pegasus Software opened up its virtual human resources (HR) department to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), warning of the tribunal dangers facing small business owners that ignore HR issues.

Stuart Anderson, operations director for Pegasus Software, said: “Typically SMEs do not employ an HR specialist until they have around 80 employees. Before this size is reached, many small businesses could not afford to take on a full time HR position even if they wanted to. A full time employee is a large financial commitment and sits at odds with the peaks and troughs of activity that characterises early business growth. Alternatively, the business may outsource its HR responsibility to third parties. As well as being expensive, this can open up dangerous gaps in procedure between the HR services provider and the SME.”

PegasusHR, a standalone service, comprises a website containing downloadable legally compliant HR letters, employee handbooks, policies, advice and FAQs. The material covers issues such as recruitment, discipline and appraisal. There is also an option to ask questions, as well as a telephone advice line and on-site consultancy. Investment starts from £360 per year or just £1 a day. The service is free to Pegasus customers, with an annual maintenance contract.


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