Accuity/CB.Net Partners with Irish Payment Services Organisation

Accuity/CB.Net is working with the Irish Payment Services Organisation (IPSO) to provide services to manage the National Sort Code (NSC) directory. Following the successful implementation of the EPC SEPA Register of Participants and the EBA Priority Payments Central Repository, Accuity/CB.Net has helped IPSO develop the new management system for its National Sort Codes database.

The NSC data includes bank sort code numbers and related bank branch information used by IPSO members in payment systems and clearing in the Republic of Ireland. The NSC database is available through a web search facility that offers direct access to over 1200 Irish sort codes, as well as through standard download formats to benefit IPSO participants and the Irish payment community.

Accuity/CB.Net is providing the infrastructure through its CodeX Code Management platform. The platform enables the participants to add and amend details to mitigate the risk of error and inaccurate information. IPSO is maintaining administrative control over the system, while allowing members to access and update their own information.

Pat McLoughlin, CEO of IPSO, said: “The CodeX system that Accuity/CB.Net has developed allows us to manage the NSC Database more easily than before to the benefit of not only ourselves but the wider banking community. Banks will be able to update their back office systems more readily and up-to-the-minute branch details will be available to the banks’ corporate customers enhancing their payment straight through processing capabilities and reducing rejected payments.”


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