31% of Treasury Managers Feel Underpaid, Finds Survey

Close to one-third (31%) of treasury managers feel underpaid, while only 7% feel well-rewarded, found a recent survey by MR Recruitment. According to the poll, the average compensation, which includes salary, car allowance and bonus, for a treasury manager is £74,211.99.

Similarly, 29% of treasury analysts believe that they are underpaid, with 8% believing themselves to be ‘drastically’ underpaid. Almost half (49%) believe that they receive the average compensation, which is £36,747.73.

In contrast, 45% of treasury assistants feel valued by their direct line manager/boss, with another 33% saying they felt highly valued. The average compensation for a treasury assistant is £24,316.55.

Only 3% of assistant treasurers felt drastically underpaid, with another 16% saying they were underpaid. Over two-thirds (36%) felt they were on average pay, while 38% felt they were well-rewarded. The average compensation for an assistant treasurer is £108,884.19.

Overall group treasurers feel they are well compensated: 9% say they are well-rewarded, 36% say they are comfortable and 37% believe they are on an average wage. Only 18% believe they are underpaid. The average compensation for a group treasurer is £159,610.06. Over half (54%) of group treasurers felt valued by their direct line manager/boss; only 3% felt not valued at all.

The sixth annual treasury salary survey polled 488 treasury professionals, 40% of whom had been in their current role for up to one year, 26% for up to two years, and 21% up to 10 years. Just over one in ten of the respondents had been in their current role for over 10 years.


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