SIA-SSB, Capgemini and CeTIF Launch SEPA AND PSD Research Observatory

SIA-SSB, Capgemini and CeTIF have launched a joint project, called the Research Observatory, to support banks and financial institutions in an economic and strategic evaluation of the payments business for a three-year period from 2009-2012. It aims to provide support for Italian banks and the new financial players, called payment institutions, in the journey towards compliance required by the Payment Services Directive (PSD) and the single euro payments area (SEPA).

Conceived for and dedicated to banks and financial institutions, the Research Observatory has the aim of identifying the economic value of the payments business in Italy and Europe, also taking into account the evolution of the service model brought about by SEPA and PSD, and of becoming a competence centre, capable of ensuring long-term analysis. The initiative will foster the development of awareness and education concerning the principal transformations in the payments industry, as well as developing a network of national and international professionals who can exchange ideas and experiences regarding operating criticalities, actions and priorities to be implemented in the three-year period.

“The Research Observatory is the first initiative of its kind in Europe which will allow banks to compare their positioning and analyse the economic scale of the services provided, in the light of the creation of SEPA and the coming into force of PSD “, said Renzo Vanetti, CEO of SIA-SSB. “We have the know-how, the solutions, the experience and the innovative vision to support the banks in this period of transformation, which we would like them to see in terms of the market and not merely of the regulations”.

“The transformation of the payments industry in Europe is the most significant that the banking system has ever undergone and it cannot be tackled without a strategy which takes into account the economic value of the payments business,” said Sergio Magnante, vice president – financial services leader at Capgemini Italia. “The duration of the Observatory guarantees the monitoring over time of the variables of change, and this permits the creation and implementation of indicators and methods that the banks can share in order to make comparisons, exchange knowledge and improve constantly”.


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