Nordea Selects SunGard’s Adaptiv Analytics

Nordea Bank has selected SunGard’s Adaptiv Analytics to help enhance its measurement and management of counterparty credit exposure in its capital markets products. The solution, which provides a framework for distributing complex portfolio-level risk calculations across a grid of servers, will help Nordea to calculate a more risk-sensitive credit change metric and thereby help it to make better informed trading decisions.

Adaptiv Analytics will be distributed across Nordea’s server grid, meaning it will be able to scale according to the growing calculation requirements. It will help to manage an increasingly large workload and will accommodate the addition of new products into the simulation as required.

Peter Lunding, business chief information officer, capital markets products at Nordea, said: “We selected Adaptiv Analytics because we required a calculation engine that is capable of performing under highly volatile conditions, where performance and reliability are key. We have a good and long relationship with SunGard and are pleased with the level of support SunGard has provided during implementation. “


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