ACI Earns SWIFTReady TSU 2009 Accreditation

ACI Open Account Manager (OAM) from ACI Worldwide has achieved the SWIFTReady Trade Services Utility (TSU) for Release 2.0 2009 accreditation. ACI OAM enables the banks to send, receive and reconcile their clients’ purchase orders and invoices along with other trade documentation.

ACI’s OAM, designed and built from the ground up on the TSU standards, is fully compliant with TSU Release 2, which went into live production as of 1 March this year. Service providers need to ensure that their systems are TSU 2009 certified or they will not be able to make use of the TSU solution. Release 2 of the TSU allows banks to extend the existing TSU message sets to include support for the bank payment obligation, the ‘notice of intent to pay’, insurance, certificates and special requests along with the important addition of secondary banks, such as submitting banks and obligor banks.

“SWIFT is committed to staying up to date with the needs of financial institutions around the world, so we regularly update our standards to deliver the solutions that the industry needs. It is essential that vendors invest in their solutions to meet these changes and, once again, ACI has done that with Open Account Manager,” said Jackie Keogh, head of global transaction banking and supply chain solutions at SWIFT. “SWIFTReady TSU accreditation proves to banks that ACI’s end-to-end solution enables them to interact efficiently with the TSU.”


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