Deloitte Australia Launches Online Accounting Service with AccountsIQ

Deloitte Australia has launched an online accounting service to its clients based on the AccountsIQ software. The service will be offered through its Deloitte Digital division as an own-branded solution.

“Businesses are becoming increasingly impatient with the inflexibility and cost of traditional financial systems. AccountsIQ provides customers with the ability to securely record transactions, monitor performance and prepare financial reports. We see this as a fundamental change in the way accountants work and in the type of the work they can do. It changes the nature of the client-accountant relationship from a ‘once a year’ contact to an ongoing conversation; from accountant to business advisor. It includes collaboration capability such as a clever bulletin board feature which allows our accountants and clients to post messages for one another in a secure online forum,” said Peter Williams, CEO of Deloitte Digital.


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