Aurum Solutions Launches Single-user Cash-to-bank Reconciliation System

Aurum Solutions has launched an initial release of SoloRec, an entry level single-user system designed specifically for cash-to-bank reconciliations.

Aurum’s software team has leveraged its flagship GroupIT codebase to develop a cut-down version – called SoloRec – while keeping many of the features seen in GroupIT. Aurum’s software architect, Tony Hales, said: “We understand how important GroupIT’s features are to our clients and decided we should re-use as much code as possible. It was paramount to keep features such as GroupIT’s user interface along with our drag-and-drop method of defining rules to infer data thus improving automatic reconciliation. SoloRec also contains the ability for people to define their own data loaders from either straight-forward comma-delimited files or directly from database queries or and, as you would expect, easy installation comes as standard.”

Competitively priced on a per-account basis, orders may be placed on line at Aurum’s website enabling clients to be up and running quickly.


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