UniCredit Group to Build CFO Data Warehouse

UniCredit Group has selected Teradata technology to implement its ‘CFO Data Warehouse’ to support business initiatives such as compliance, cost reduction and increased profitability. The implementation of the warehouse will guarantee the collection and use of data needed to support the principal CFO areas such as: asset and liability management, credit treasury, capital allocation, planning, and control. The information will be available enterprise-wide, from the business unit to the bank’s holding company.

“During these challenging economic conditions, it is key to have detailed and relevant data which allows deep visibility into all divisions of the bank. Our vision is to create a unique solution, which will start with the CFO group, then be deployed across the enterprise,” said Domenico Ambrisi, head of global enterprise services data warehouse, UniCredit Global Information Services. “The Teradata system at UniCredit will be capable of providing information at the right time based on the ever-changing needs of the business, which is very important.”

The project’s starting point is deployment of the Teradata Financial Logical Data Model, which is an integrated, cross-functional model that provides an enterprise-wide view or blueprint of data.


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