Silanis and Thunderhead Partner on Document Creation and e-Signatures

Silanis Technology has partnered with Thunderhead to provide organisations in highly regulated sales and service industries with a multi-channel solution for improving customer communications and service, while reducing transaction costs and mitigating legal and compliance risks.

The partnership combines Thunderhead NOW and ApproveIt Web Server so that documents and contracts can be created on an ad-hoc basis via Thunderhead NOW and sent to ApproveIt Web Server for presentation and signing. Or, the joint solution can be integrated with an organisation’s loan-origination, underwriting and policy administration, or other transactional business system, for automated document production.

“The combined Silanis and Thunderhead offering goes beyond simple electronic signatures and document generation,” said Dr. Robert Al-Jaar, Silanis’ chief technology officer and EVP of product management. “It provides a highly-scalable, rules-based solution for managing effective communications and ensuring efficient, compliant processes – from the moment messages are sent to customers to promote a product or service to when their signatures are captured in contracts and other documents to seal the deal.”


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