Wells Fargo Launches Online Invoicing for Small Businesses

Wells Fargo & Company has introduced online invoicing through Wells Fargo Business Online, an online banking offering for small businesses. The new service makes it easier for small business owners to create and send invoices and receive payments online.

With Wells Fargo’s online invoicing, small business owners can:

  • Create professional invoices with templates, customising the look with their own logo, business information, payment terms, discounts and penalties.
  • Receive invoice payments from customers via bank transfer (automated clearing house) or, if the business accepts card payments, by debit or credit card.
  • Set up automated email payment reminders and past-due notices.
  • Streamline reconciliation with reporting tools that show if an invoice is paid, outstanding or past due.

“Online invoicing gives small business owners an opportunity to take an enormous amount of paper out of the waste cycle and to reduce the need to physically transport invoices and payments across the country,” said George Throckmorton, senior director for NACHA, the electronic payments association, and a spokesperson for PayItGreen.


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