De Beers selects Datanomic for Anti-Money Laundering Ahead of Pending Regulations

Diamond company De Beers Group has selected Datanomic’s dn:Director Sanctions & PEP (Politically Exposed People) Screening software for screening of its supply chain to help the group take proactive steps to maintain the integrity of its diamonds. Screening for risk entities within the business and ensuring traceability is important in mitigating risk.

“Diamond companies are not financial institutions, however we face many of the same global concerns in terms of wanting to ensure we maintain high standards, take proactive steps to guard against any illegal activity and ensure we are doing business with legitimate companies,” said James Suzman, De Beers director of corporate citizenship. “De Beers operates globally and we have to comply with a variety of regulations in different countries. Traceability is extremely important to our business and we wanted a software platform that would automate the screening process for us.”


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