FX Investors Capitalise on Rise in Sterling

As the FTSE begins to recover from the turmoil of recent months, and sterling continues to make gains against both the euro and US dollar, FX investors are taking advantage of the trend, according to Barclays Stockbrokers. Trading volumes have consistently increased week on week on the Barclays Stockbrokers FX platform and the average trade size has risen approximately 23%1, suggesting that there is a growing appetite from clients to gain returns from FX markets.

When it comes to the top currency pairs to trade, three out of the five most traded pairs include sterling. Almost a third of total trades (29%) have been in sterling versus US dollar, 15% in sterling versus Japanese yen, and 17% in euro versus sterling.

Barbara-Ann King, head of investments at Barclays Stockbrokers, says: “As sterling has begun to rise in value in recent weeks we have consistently seen clients capitalising on this trend, trading on our FX platform. Three out of the five most traded pairs in recent weeks have included sterling and we have seen the size of trades increasing as our clients become more confident in trading in this asset class.”


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