Intel Corporation Using Broadridge E-solutions

Broadridge Financial Solutions has announced that Intel Corporation is the first company to use a number of the vendor’s new e-solutions, aimed to meet Intel’s goal of enhancing communications with its stockholders. With these solutions, Intel is the first public company to host a Virtual Shareholder Meeting (VSM) and a Shareholder Forum on The Investor Network.

The VSM service will be used in conjunction with Intel’s in-person annual meeting on 20 May 2009. Broadridge says that its ability to validate investors enables shareholders to attend, present questions, and vote online during the meeting make it more inclusive and more interactive.

As part of Intel’s initiative to create more effective communications with its stockholders, it is also hosting a Shareholder Forum on The Investor Network. Shareholder Forums are designed to enable corporations to engage in a proactive and efficient process to exchange ideas with validated shareholders that choose to participate.


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