Argenta Buys FRSGlobal Risk Management Module

The Belgian bank Argenta has expanded its FRSGlobal RiskPro system and will start using the Treasury View module alongside its Asset Liability Management (ALM), Value at Risk (VaR) and Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP) analysis module.

Argenta started working with RiskPro at end of 2006, using the risk management suite for ALM, VaR and FTP. In addition to the productive usage of a broad range of static analysis methods, Argenta has also implemented dynamic simulation that will enable the bank to perform its risk management and budgeting on a consistent basis.

The RiskPro Treasury View module consists of a wide range of analyses calculated with internal (Treasury) rates instead of with external (Customer) rates. The vendor says that this guarantees a complete view of the treasury position, with due attention to liquidity risk.


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