Accuity Releases Enhancements to Payment Solutions

Accuity has introduced updates to its Payment Solutions product line. In February, the company added nearly 200,000 Standard Settlement Instructions (SSIs) to its banking database as a result of the acquisition of CB.Net, a London-based reference data provider for the global banking community. The additional data provides customers with a larger critical universe of preferred correspondent bank information to determine crucial payment routing decisions.

In addition, Accuity bolstered its national routing code repository by adding the national and local clearing codes for a host of previously unavailable countries, including Algeria, Chile, China, Ecuador, Honduras, India, Kenya, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Both of these data enhancements can be found in Accuity’s data file solution, Global Payment File (GPF), and its online look-up tool, The Global Banking Resource (TGBR).

Along with the data enhancements, the recently released version 7.3 of TGBR also has additional new features. One new feature provides active payment routing codes when inactive codes are used in a search; another includes the ability to search for pertinent holiday information by ISO country code, ISO currency code, date or holiday name. These and other enhancements found in the new version offer important functionality for payment processing and payment originating institutions.


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