Fiserv Upgrades Biller Direct HV

Fiserv has enhanced Biller Direct HV to enable billing organisations to offer their customers mobile alerts, real-time access to account information and immediate payment capabilities. Biller Direct HV allows consumers to view and pay bills directly at the website of the company with which the consumer has a relationship. This hosted service can enable billing companies to integrate electronic billing and payment (EBP) services into their websites, retaining complete control and flexibility over the bill presentation and consumer experience, while Fiserv manages the operational complexities associated with the delivery and payment processes.

New capabilities include:

  • Mobile alerting integrated with the biller direct website, a service that can enhance adoption of viewing and paying bills in an online environment.
  • Enriched consumer self-service experience with real-time availability of account and bill pay information – such as multi-channel payment history, reward points, available balance, etc – to ensure instant access to account information and reduce expensive calls to customer care.
  • Enhanced payment capabilities that allow consumers to immediately schedule and post payments to avoid service interruptions or late fees.

“Online bill payment transactions continue to grow at an annual rate of 22%, and the biller direct channel remains an extremely important component of a billing organisation’s electronic payments strategy,” said Jennifer Roth, research director, Global Payments, TowerGroup. “Given current economic conditions, outsourcing services such as electronic billing and payment is often a smart move as it allows companies to focus on their core competencies while reducing back office processing costs.”


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