Banque CIC (Suisse) Selects Sterci’s Strategic Messaging Platform

Banque CIC (Suisse) has selected Sterci’s Stelink for its strategic financial messaging platform. The bank was looking for a product based on latest technology (including standards such as JEE, XML and SOA), able to handle SWIFTNet services as well as SIC and Secom Swiss local market clearing infrastructures.

Roger Buser, a member of the management team at Banque CIC (Suisse) said, “Stelink allows us to integrate the access to all SWIFTNet services (FIN, RMA, FileAct, InterAct) together with SIX Swiss services for SIC/EuroSIC and Secom. Stelink also supports the latest XML standards. The Stelink Web Interface facilitates user access at different Banque CIC (Suisse) locations without any deployment effort.”


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