PayPal Joins GlobalPlatform to Develop Best Practice in Mobile Infrastructure

PayPal has joined GlobalPlatform, the international specification body for smart card infrastructure, to contribute to the ongoing development of standards to ensure interoperability across the payments industry. Joining as a participating member, PayPal will play an active role in GlobalPlatform’s card committee and its various working groups. Representatives from PayPal will also have the opportunity to participate on the GlobalPlatform advisory council and within the organisation’s task forces, including the Mobile Task Force, sharing best practice and technical knowledge with other members.

Eric Duprat, general manager at PayPal Mobile, said: “Membership in GlobalPlatform is a logical step for PayPal. We recognise the value of sharing knowledge in a way that will benefit the industry as a whole through robust technical standards, greater interoperability, and ultimately the wider adoption of online and mobile payments around the world.”


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