EMB Launches Investment Consultancy to Improve Risk Management

EMB is launching an investment consultancy service to advise companies on their approach to investment strategy. The EMB Investment Consultancy team combines actuarial, banking, econometric and financial modelling expertise to offer clients a range of risk modelling solutions. The solutions place particular emphasis on asset-side risk and the inter-relationships across the balance sheet, and will help companies plan for scenarios previously considered unthinkable. EMB expects to work closely with general, life and composite insurers.

The consultancy has recruited Alun Marriott, formerly of Dresdner Kleinwort, to head up the team. “EMB’s core actuarial and modelling skills, developed over many years in insurance, are completely transferable to the wider financial community,” said Marriott. “We are building on those skills to offer a practical approach to the quantitative and qualitative analysis of how financial risk changes through time.”

“In today’s climate, it’s important to recognise that history is a poor guide to the future and that human judgement can be equally important as mathematical models. Our approach combines the two in a structured way, so that assumptions in the risk modelling process survive the ‘stress test’ of reality. This is particularly critical as the economy continues to struggle and governmental and regulatory bodies strive to contain the fallout,” he said.


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