Aconite and Traderoot Partner on African Payments Project

Aconite has announced a partnership with Traderoot. Under the terms of the partnership, Traderoot will supply Aconite’s EMV and Smart Product solutions to African institutions issuing chip-based payment products, in sectors such as banking, retail, transit and healthcare. Aconite’s EMV and Smart Product portfolio includes:

  • EMV Enablement solutions: enable a magnetic stripe card issuer to begin issuing EMV (Chip and PIN) products with minimal change to existing systems and business processes.
  • EMV Risk Management solutions: allow issuers to dynamically manage cardholder credit risk related to offline EMV transactions through advanced post-issuance scripting.
  • Smart Product Life-cycle Management solutions: enable a card issuer to manage its smart product portfolio, record individual product details issued to a customer, facilitating reissue and improving security.
  • Smart Prepaid solutions: offer a fast track, low risk and lower cost route to the issuance of prepaid and contactless payment products based on EMV standards and chip technology.


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