IT2 Treasury Solutions Launches the IT2 Academy

IT2 Treasury Solutions has launched the IT2 Academy. Managed by Pinder Grewal, who reports to Nick Bailey, IT2’s director of client services, the academy formalises IT2 training globally, for clients, partners and the IT2 professional team.

The first series of client and partner courses offer Technical and Level 1 (Foundation) courses, which provides a general introduction to IT2. Level 2 (Intermediate) courses are specifically designed around the IT2 functional pillars of cash and liquidity management, funding and investment management, position and risk management, and treasury accounting. The Level 3 (Advanced) courses will build on these fundamentals.

Kevin Grant, chief executive officer of IT2 Treasury Solutions, said: “The academy is a key part of IT2’s strategic development plans. This latest innovation will ensure that IT2’s clients, partners and staff can achieve high levels of skill and expertise in IT2; this will enable them to deliver integrated technology solutions for a broad range of corporate and financial institution treasury business issues.”


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