SAS and Coalition Launch Software to Correctly Incentivise Bankers

SAS and Coalition have announced the UK launch of its new software offering to capital markets. Called Rapid Risk Profiling, the software is designed to enable financial services organisations to better align employee remuneration to the firms appetite for risk. The companies claim that the solution allows risk to be managed more effectively across the enterprise while ensuring staff members are incentivised appropriately, according to the risk levels of their individual activity and in-line with the levels of risk accepted by the company.

The software creates a direct correlation between the remuneration of each staff member and the financial risks associated to their activity, especially maturity, as recorded on the company’s risk systems. It enables firms to profile those people across the organisation who are responsible for taking or managing risk and creates a highly visible display that links them directly with the risks that they are taking, the methods they are using and the remuneration they are receiving.


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