Thomson Reuters Launches Instant Messaging as a Corporate Tool

Thomson Reuters has launched Reuters Messaging (RM) Interchange, which allows Enterprise Instant Messaging (EIM) users to connect and communicate with colleagues and counterparts by using one link – regardless of corporate or technology boundaries, as with email or telephone interaction.

RM Interchange connects with the leading EIM systems – Cisco’s Jabber XCP, IBM Lotus’ Sametime and Microsoft’s LCS/OCS.

RM Interchange enables businesses worldwide to federate without the need to establish individual links between them. To interconnect different instant messaging customers can be a time consuming venture for an organisation’s IT department. With the RM Interchange service, businesses can now reach a multitude of other companies with a single link.

David Gurle, global head of collaboration services at Thomson Reuters, said: “The sharing of accurate and timely market information is never more vital than at times of heightened economic volatility. Over the last few years IM has matured and become the nerve system of many financial institutions to conduct business decisions, progressively replacing email. With the launch of RM Interchange, users across the enterprise will now benefit not only from instant communication with colleagues and external contacts but from the safety of comprehensive security and compliance functionality, therefore truly tapping the full potential of IM within the corporate domain.”


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