SAS UK Launches Live Web Training

SAS UK has launched Live Web Training, an interactive delivery mechanism for the training courses of its education department. Training course content will be identical to SAS’ classroom-based courses, but will result in reduced overall training costs, decreased environmental impact and lowered impact on daily workloads.

Environmental and economic concerns are putting pressure on companies to maximise their training efforts and do more with less. The online training can help reduce time out of the office by eliminating travel and accommodation costs thus helping firms to meet these objectives.

SAS already runs Live Web Training courses for US customers from its headquarters in Cary, NC. The online training targets the emerging new generation of learner, who are used to using less linear, more interactive ways of training. Attendees will be able to view the training over a web-conferencing system, ask questions and engage with the instructor, watch recorded sessions and log into SAS over the Internet to do the exercises, without needing to install SAS on their machines.

Taster sessions for the online training are free to attend and the first two will take place on 23rd January and 4th February. Full paid-for sessions will start in March and continue through to 2010.


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