GBC Launches Services for POS Terminals in Hungary

GIRO Bankkártya Zrt (GBC), the Hungarian company of the SIA-SSB Group operating in the card payment systems sector, has launched a set of services for POS terminals for all acquirer banks and merchants present in the domestic market.

The new POS-related services include software development, terminal installation, service and maintenance, merchant management, a 24hr help desk and other value-added services.

The SIA-SSB subsidiary operates its own terminal management system and, in an effort to reduce costs for clients, provides remote software and parameter download options into the POS terminals. In addition, the in-house POS software development activity covers the banking, mobile top-up and other value-added functions as well.

The service will be provided to current and prospective clients in Hungary and the company hopes that it will be extended, in the near future, also to other central and eastern European countries, such as Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech Republic.


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