Checkprint Bacstel-IP Solution Launched by TALL Group and Experian Payments

The TALL Group of Companies and Experian Payments have launched a mid-corporate Bacstel-IP application. The solution integrates the TALL Group’s e-remittance module with Experian Payments’ UK Gateway software, incorporating the product within the Integrated Payments Solution now available from the TALL Group.

The Checkprint Bacstel-IP Solution, powered by Experian’s UK Gateway software, provides full-featured Bacs (three day payments) access and comprehensive Direct Debit collections (AUDDIS-compliant enabling paperless Direct Debit). The solution is designed to enable users to automatically configure remittance advices, related to Bacs payments, which can be emailed, faxed or printed and mailed. The software will provide processing capability for UK Bacs payments, including validation, authorisation, digital signing, submission and report handling.

Customers using cheque, CHAPS and Bacs payments, including Direct Credits and Direct Debits (for collections), will be able to access all these payment mechanisms from within the Integrated Payments Solution. This provides a core File Manager to convert and route payments and collections instructions to the appropriate payment service. The transition of cheque usage to electronic payments provides the TALL Group with a structured migration path for its 15,000 customers.


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