PT Indomobil Finance Indonesia (IMFI) Selects HSBC for Cash Management Services

HSBC Global Payments and Cash Management has been appointed to provide cash management services to PT Indomobil Finance Indonesia (IMFI), one of the multi- finance companies in Indonesia’s car and motorcycle sector. The solution utilises HSBC’s Integrated Receivables Solutions to extend collection channels via
ATM Bersama network with more than 13,000 ATMs across Indonesia, thereby providing greater convenience, and flexibility to IMFI’s customers.

HSBC’s says its solution allows IMFI to have full visibility across its cash positions,
including the ability to identify incoming payments on a real-time basis. Additionally, the company’s collections and receivables will be further streamlined, while improving its overall working capital management.

The solution also allows all banking activities to be consolidated with HSBC via the bank’s Internet-based electronic banking platform, HSBCnet, integrating with IMFI’s back-office system.


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