AFP Acquires Bobsguide to Link Global Treasury Community to Financial IT Suppliers and Solutions

The Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) has announced its acquisition of Bobsguide, an online resource for the treasury and finance community. Based in London, Bobsguide is the leading financial IT solutions network, connecting financial IT buyers with suppliers.

Bobsguide is the second London-based acquisition for AFP. In May of 2007, AFP acquired gtnews. “The acquisition of Bobsguide brings an essential resource for finding practical financial IT solutions to AFP and gtnews members,” said Jim Kaitz, President and CEO of AFP. “AFP’s recent Treasury Benchmarking Survey indicates that many treasurers and financial professionals are still using manual processes. Today, from treasury management systems to corporate finance and compliance software and systems, Bobsguide shows treasury and financial professionals how to streamline financial IT operations and make organizations work smarter and faster.”

After the acquisition, Bobsguide will continue its current operations in London. AFP does not expect to make major changes to Bobsguide’s business model, but will work on enhancements to make Bobsguide’s offerings thrive. Initially, gtnews CEO, Mike Hewitt, will direct activities to assure a smooth transition and to ensure that the needs of Bobsguide’s vendor and user communities are met.

“Bobsguide is fully backed by the vision and strength of AFP and gtnews,” said Hewitt, “Together, the three organisations comprise a global, must-use network of information resources for the finance profession, whether in implementing mission-critical technology systems, understanding the latest developments in the financial crisis, or enhancing skills through training and certification.”


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