BSI Announces New Business Continuity Services in Singapore

BSI Management Systems has announced its news offering, certification to the new Singapore Standard, SS 540:2008, in addition to its existing certification services to BS 25999, the internationally recognized standard.

This significant development allows Singapore organisations to demonstrate compliance with both local and international best practice. Many Singapore organisations supply both locally and internationally so this new service from BSI provides a ‘best of both worlds’ solution.

SS 540 is a revision of Technical Reference (TR) 19 which was first launched in Singapore in 2005 as the national BCM standard of Singapore. BSI will be offering SS 540 certification and combined SS 540 and BS 25999 certification for organizations which operate both locally and internationally. The revised standard incorporates the “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) methodology that is also used in BS 25999 and other international management system standards such as the popular ISO 9001. The new standard is more similar in structure to its predecessor which enables simpler combined audits with BS 25999.

Since its launch in 2007, BS 25999 has quickly established itself as the internationally recognised standard for business continuity management. Furthermore, it is the only auditable and certifiable standard which has been adopted by organisations throughout the world. BSI is the BS 25999 pioneer and has already certified companies in Brazil, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Spain, the Netherlands, the US and the UK. These include large multi-national organizations such as Accenture, Citigroup and Vodafone as well as a number of smaller national companies.


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