LexisNexis Partners with Avanquest Solutions to Implement Automated Accounts Payable System

The official signing of the contract for Avanquest Solutions to implement its ‘Accounts Payable +’ at LexisNexis recently took place at LexisNexis’ Chancery Lane offices in London. The decision to use this solution was based on the business case proving that, over a five-year period, the project will provide the company with an overall saving compare to project cost outlay. The contract was signed by Alex Sage, financial director at LexisNexis and Malcolm Wilkes, strategic director, Avanquest Solutions.

The contract signing was the result of a combined nine-month project led by Isobel George, accounts payable manager at LexisNexis, Cameron Smith, business solutions manager at Avanquest Solutions and Christine Whyte from Avanquest partner, ReadSoft.


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