Barrie & Hibbert Launches Product Risk Service

Barrie & Hibbert has launched a new service aimed at helping financial service companies understand and communicate the risks in financial products, and as a consequence support them in compliance with Treating Customers Fairly (TCF). The company says that, with increasingly volatile markets and growing complexity in product design, it is now more important than ever that companies have a consistent methodology for understanding the risk and return profile of customers, and then being able to map a full range of products to that profile.

The company’s Product Risk Service provides an view of the customer outcomes that a product delivers across a wide range of economic scenarios, which it says allows clients to compare and communicate the risk and return benefits of broad range of products, including multi asset funds, variable annuities, structured products, hybrid products and with profits.

In addition, the company has also opened an Asia-Pacific office, based in Hong Kong.


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