Temenos and IBM Report Positive Results from Scenario Testing

Temenos has announced performance report findings for its T24 R8, which it claims prove its ability to support retail banks based on real-case scenario testing carried out with IBM. The research was conducted by the T24 Performance Management Team, a new research function that will continually evaluate and improve the performance and scalability of T24 for retail banking operations. The testing environment was made up of 15 million customers and 25 million accounts, spread across the personal and small business segments and using a wide range of products through multiple channels including branch, ATM, POS and the Internet. The platform used, comprising three IBM Power 570 servers with POWER6 processors and a p5-595 database server with POWER5+ processors to run the Oracle database, was selected to reflect a typical, real life configuration for this type of retail bank to ensure real-world performance delivered with superior cost of ownership. The scenario called for the solution to process 1,500 transactions per second (tps) during the peak period of the working day. This was created from the peak period of branch processing, plus high volume batch payments and (to reflect an unlikely worst case) peak Internet usage simultaneously. The benchmark exceeded this target, with the system processing in excess of 2,600 tps. Tests on a set of payments and enquiries transactions designed to demonstrate maximum throughput in performance tests of this kind, resulted in over 9,460 tps for the same hardware configuration.


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