Thomson Reuters Launches Low-Latency Hosted OPRA Feed

Thomson Reuters has launched a new hosted, low latency direct feed to OPRA, the US Options Agency. The solution, delivered through Reuters Hosting Solutions (RHS), is part of Thomson Reuters expanding catalogue of hosted low latency venues. Several technical capabilities distinguish this offering including direct exchange delivery via Radianz Ultra Access, a high speed service that delivers OPRA data to the RHS data centre in sub-millisecond timeframes. The Radianz Ultra Access infrastructure is built on a high speed, fully resilient, self-healing, fibre ethernet over wave-length architecture that provides ultra low latency connectivity. Other technical features of the Thomson Reuters OPRA offering include: minimal infrastructure deployment to customer site, all hardware and platform components fully managed by Thomson Reuters at the hosting centre; support for separate national best bid and offer (NBBO) and regional quote streams, allowing customers to reduce infrastructure requirements by subscribing to only the required content; and support for co-location of customer applications for direct cross-connection to full-tick OPRA data.


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