Reval Announces Version 8.1 of HedgeRx with New Structured Interest Rate Product Module

Reval has released the latest upgrade of HedgeRx® Version 8.1 with the addition of new structured interest rate and credit modules and expanded compliance reporting for IFRS 7, FAS 161 and FAS 157. Companies now have the flexibility to accurately fair value derivatives in light of today’s volatile market conditions and increased regulatory scrutiny. With a multi-asset class solution now covering foreign exchange, interest rates, exotic interest rates, credit, energy and commodities, Reval’s upgraded solution caters to the complexities of multinational corporations’ hedging strategies. “In times like these, one application that supports accurate Level 1, 2 and 3 valuations across multiple asset classes with transparent market data is a great asset to any organisation,” said Philip Pettinato, COO of Reval.


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