NewOak Capital Appoints Vincent J. Truglia as MD of Global Economic Research and Sovereign Risk

NewOak Capital has appointed Vincent J. Truglia as managing director of Global Economic Research. “We strongly believe forecasting credit performance of any type of credit going forward requires understanding of powerful forces impacting the life blood to the real economy (i.e. availability of reasonably priced credit) and the potential government policies to restore financial stability. Vincent’s long tenure and experience in dealing with financial crises in both developing and developed economies will bring another critical dimension to NewOak Capital’s “reality-based” approach in assessing credit risks in our client structured portfolios,” says Ron D’Vari, CEO of NewOak Capital. Truglia has over 31 years experience in assessing how country risk, in all its myriad facets, affects financial markets, from the most highly developed countries to the weakest emerging markets. His specialty is analysing how such risks might be affected by an existing or possibly changing public policy framework. Prior to joining NewOak Capital, Truglia was the managing partner of and managing director of the Sovereign Risk Unit at Moody’s Investors Service, responsible for the ratings of over 100 countries, 20+ supranationals, and hundreds of government related companies for the fixed income market. Earlier he worked for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in the Bank Supervision area, the Bank of New York/Irving Trust as a senior international economist, and the NCNB, the parent company of Bank of America, where he established NCNB’s country risk department.


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