Euroclear Belgium’s Capitrack Level 2 Attracts Market Support

Euroclear Belgium has announced the second phase of its Capitrack service in its ongoing efforts to streamline the securities dematerialisation process in Belgium. Capitrack Level 2 is targeted at all Belgian securities issuers to ease compliance with the Belgian dematerialisation law. Euroclear says Capitrack allows users to maintain and update shareholder registers (e.g. shareholder references, ownership transfers, changes in securities form, corporate actions); consult the shareholder register online at any time and receive, at a minimum, quarterly electronic reports; and issue and print registered certificates. Nine companies on the Bel 20, Bel Mid, Bel Small and Alternext are using Capitrack Level 2, including, amongst others, Cofinimmo, Delhaize, Bekaert, Fountain Industries and Business Solutions Builders.


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