SunTrust Bank Upgrades Online Cheque Deposit Service

SunTrust Bank has added new enhancements to its Online Check Deposit service, which allows businesses to save time and money and better manage their cash. Using a certified scanner to capture cheque images, businesses can submit the images to SunTrust electronically from their office for deposit. One new feature helps businesses with multiple locations save time and improve account reconciliation by adding a numeric identifier in the auxiliary on-us field on the virtual deposit ticket. Companies that have various offices, locations or business units, such as retailers, title companies, leasing offices and municipalities, can easily distinguish which locations make specific deposits. Another feature is the ability to access Online Check Deposit from computers that are not connected to the certified cheque scanner and monitor online deposits from a central or home office on the same day that the deposit is made. Additionally, the service now supports five scanner manufacturers and ten different scanner models, providing more options to meet the specific needs of individual businesses.


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