FRSGlobal Makes Risk and Regulatory Platform Available to Regulators at no Charge

FRSGlobal has announced it is offering all official regulatory bodies a version of its risk and regulatory software without charge to better facilitate prudent oversight of the financial markets and help provide a single, global regulatory model for the 21st Century. FRSGlobal’s offer to regulators will provide them with a proven regulatory model that allows information from differing financial entities, countries and consolidations to be held in a coherent manner. It further converts this information to regulatory intelligence that will allow regulators to achieve a much clearer picture of the interactions between financial entities. Selwyn Blair-Ford, Senior Domain Expert at FRSGlobal stressed ‘As much as a global regulatory body seems a good idea, individual regulators may struggle with how to implement a comprehensive and effective global framework, but would see the obvious benefits of having an information platform that is common between regulators – making it easy to share information.’ If regulators took up this solution they would be able to achieve a much clearer and more dynamic view of exposures between market participants, which will include securitisation and credit derivative exposures. It is further hoped that the availability of the FRSGlobal model will also allow regulators to apply enhanced analytical techniques and identify further systemic risk from which they can launch anticipatory action where required.


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