Cognizant and IBM launch MDM-in-a-Box

Cognizant has launched MDM-in-a-Box, the first in a range of Cognizant Quick Start solutions that take a modular approach to simplifying the installation of enterprise-wide technology that is traditionally difficult and costly to implement. Developed in conjunction with IBM, MDM-in-a-Box addresses specific areas of master data management (MDM). Built on IBM’s InfoSphere Master Data Management Server, MDM-in-a-Box adds value as a preconfigured solution to reduce deployment time and effort. The product delivers a fast return on investment and creates a roadmap to continue enterprise-wide MDM deployment through ongoing phases. MDM-in-a-Box solution accelerator is preconfigured to lower costs and reduce implementation time for a typical enterprise-wide MDM deployment, delivering greater business value and justification to support ongoing deployment. The customer insight module of MDM-in-a-Box has been designed to meet the customer data needs of banking and insurance companies. Without a single view of customer data, compliance is compromised, customer service suffers, and cross-selling and up-selling effort is ineffective.


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