FRSGlobal Meets Basel II Pillar 2 Demands for ‘Single Source of Truth’

FRSGlobal has launched ReportBuilder, which was developed in direct response to the Basel requirement for banks to create both internal (management) reports and external (regulatory) reports from the same data source and the move towards non-standard, prescriptive-style reporting advocated by the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA). Part of the FRSGlobal ReportingCentre for regulatory reporting, ReportBuilder is a user-friendly tool for non-technical business users to define and create new reports for production by ReportGenerator, without any coding being required. Financial institutions moving in to new countries or jurisdictions will be able to use ReportBuilder to define their own regulatory reports and ensure its internal reporting is in line with the regulatory, external reporting and therefore guarantees a ‘single version of the truth’ – a key requirement of Basel II, Pillar 2. Business users will also be able to create custom internal reports for a wide range of purposes such as management, head-office and profitability reports.


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