Thomson Reuters Launches Ultra Low Latency Direct Feed Connectivity to Turquoise

Thomson Reuters has launched an ultra low latency direct feed to Turquoise, the multi-lateral trading facility established by nine European investment banks to deliver market data and trading connectivity. The sub-millisecond direct exchange feed for Turquoise is in response to growing interest in multilateral trading facilities. Access to the Turquoise feed is available through Thomson Reuters direct exchange feed platform Reuters Data Feed Direct. Reuters Data Feed Direct provides sub-millisecond direct exchange feed connectivity to exchanges around the world and is a fully managed service including daily reference data maintenance, required hardware and software, and services monitored by Thomson Reuters global support teams. “Milliseconds can make a big difference when you’re trading and ensuring our growing customer base can have direct feed connectivity to Turquoise is a central part of our distribution strategy,” said Yann l’Huiller, chief technology officer of Turquoise.


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