Barclays Stockbrokers Launches National Share Giving Day

Barclays Stockbrokers launched National Share Giving Day on 21 July, to mark a new initiative with ShareGift, the share donation charity, which now offers Barclays Stockbrokers investors the chance to donate their small or unwanted shareholdings to a wide range of UK charities at no cost to the donor. According to a Barclays Stockbrokers web poll last month, 31% of those asked would give unwanted shares to charity. In addition, the company has found 15% of investors give shares to charity through a special agency such as ShareGift, and slightly more than that, 16% per cent, would like to learn how to do so. Many millions of pounds are locked up in odd lots of shares that would cost their owners more to sell than they are worth. Since 1996, ShareGift has collected and sold millions of these unwanted shares, donating over £12m to 1,500 charities.


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