Investors Seek Value In Falling Market Conditions

This week saw the FTSE sliding the furthest since the Bear Stearns debacle in March, yet despite this many investors are using it as an opportunity to take advantage of market conditions. Investor optimism was revealed as almost six in 10 orders executed by Barclays Stockbrokers clients on 1 July were buys – 58% compared to 42% sells and the trend continued on 2 July, with 54% buys (compared to 46% sells). 3 July showed the buy:sell ratio shift to 47% buys, yet on average the past three days (1 – 3 July) saw trades dominated by positive buying moves – 53% buys on average. Henk Potts, equity strategist, Barclays Stockbrokers, said: “Rising inflation, sky-high oil prices, falling house prices along with weak consumer and business confidence surveys are all conspiring to reduce economic growth prospects and push markets lower. However, against a backdrop of cheap valuations we still believe long-term investors will benefit from exposure to shares. Therefore it is good see that a significant majority of our self-directed investors are seeing the current short-term volatility as an opportunity.”


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