Accuity Launches Online Compliance Tool for PEP Screening

Accuity has added online compliance to its compliance suite. Accuity’s Online Compliance, powered by WorldCompliance, is an online look-up tool for identifying and researching politically exposed persons (PEPs) and other sanctioned or high-risk entities. Each record details information such as name, aliases, date of birth, place of birth, photographs, positions, family members, associates and company holdings. Records are also notated with precise source links to simplify any further due diligence verification that might be necessary. Two features of this compliance resource are its translation and email functionalities. The translation feature enables users to translate original source documents, which may be unusable in their native formats, into a range of available languages. The email feature allows users to send profiles complete with their notes to colleagues in order to pull others into the due diligence process and establish an audit trail. Other features include passport validation, search relevance-enhancing navigation and user-friendly viewing options.


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