Temenos Launches Banking Application and Software

At its annual client forum, Temenos has announced the release of version 8.0 of its core banking software, T24 and its core banking application for large-scale retail banks, Corebanking (TCB). New development areas in the T24 include a product catalogue, built on T24 arrangement architecture and the inclusion of the Acquire, Retain and Cross-sell (ARC) Internet Banking product. The new version also marks the first release of the Temenos Data Warehouse. The company claim that this new facility helps clients to benefit from management information direct from the T24 system. It contains three foundation modules: online Extract, Transform and Load (ETL); a data warehouse data model; and a data mart that provides bank management teams with reports on profitability across a variety of attributes, including product, customer and department. It also includes a range of standard reports and business intelligence cubes and example analysis is provided using the Cognos product set. Further data marts will be added to the Data Warehouse in future releases.


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