Zanders Opens New Office in London

Zanders has announced the establishment of its new subsidiary Zanders UK LLP, which will be situated in London. Zanders will be using this new local office in London to expand its advisory services for corporate treasury departments and the banking sector. In the field of corporate treasury management, Zanders UK LPP will be offering a full scope of services, ranging from cash management and selection & implementation of treasury management systems to treasury organisation & processes and risk management. Besides setting up Zanders UK LLP, Zanders will also be incorporating the firm David Kelin Associates Ltd (DKA). David Kelin will be appointed as Partner of Zanders UK LLP. DKA was established in 2003 and specialises in bank evaluation, system selection and market research. David Kelin previously worked in the fields of cash management, transaction banking and treasury management systems for various organisations, including Bank of America and the Canadian firm, Alterna. Mark Taylor will also be joining Zanders UK LLP as Partner. Mark Taylor was previously CEO of gtnews and has also worked as COO at Alterna. Prior to that, Taylor was Executive Vice President of the Bank of America in San Francisco.


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