Tesco Selects SunGard’s AvantGard for Hosted Treasury Management and SWIFTNet Connectivity

Tesco has selected SunGard’s AvantGard to provide it with both a hosted treasury management solution and an integrated platform for SWIFTNet messaging and connectivity. Seven years ago, Tesco selected SunGard’s AvantGard as its treasury management solution. Tesco has now expanded this relationship by opting to have the vendor host its AvantGard solution, helping Tesco’s staff concentrate on its core competencies while reducing its reliance on local IT resources. The hosted solution offered by SunGard helps provide secure online customer access with a single point of contact for all support elements. Chris Rowland, treasury manager at Tesco, said, “With a platform now in place that can be expanded for global reach, we are able to input forecasting data from subsidiaries in China, Thailand and Poland. This is increasingly important as our business in those countries continues to expand at a rapid rate.”


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