Goldman Sachs Asset Management Broadens Money Market Fund Range

Goldman Sachs Asset Management has added two further money markets funds to its offshore fund range. The two funds, GS Euro Government Liquid Reserves and GS US$ Treasury Liquid Reserves Fund, are both rated AAAm by Standard & Poor’s. The AAAm rating signifies the funds’ potential to maintain principal stability and to limit exposure to principal losses due to credit, market, and/or liquidity risks. Both funds are sub funds of the Irish-domiciled Goldman Sachs Funds, PLC and can be made available (in certain jurisdictions) to institutional, corporate and private clients. The two funds were launched on 3 April and had total assets under management of US$7.3bn as of 20 April. The Portfolio Manager responsible for the funds, Jason Singer, comments: ‘Current market volatility means that diversification, low risk and liquidity are key priorities for a number of clients. We launched these funds in response to increased investor appetite for money market funds invested solely in high quality government securities. These funds seek to maximise current income consistent with the preservation of capital and daily liquidity.”


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