Qatari Bank Implements Aconite Card Risk Solution

Aconite has been selected by a newly established commercial bank headquartered in Doha, Qatar, to implement their EMV Script Processor (ESP) solution. As a new operation, the bank needed to quickly establish a card payments infrastructure and were looking for an integrated system for credit and debit chip card issuing and transaction processing. As a result of the implementation, the bank hopes to benefit from increased control of credit and debit card-related risk. ESP enables the generation and delivery of updates or ‘scripts’ to an EMV card base. Operating alongside risk, fraud and card management systems, scripts are automatically delivered at the point-of-sale and other service points by responding to cardholder behaviour and other risk parameters held on the card. The company claims that this reduces risk, and also allows the bank to maximise their credit lines and increase the profitability of their card business.


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